X-ray Symposium


YOKOHAMA SYMPOSIA, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
6-8 March, 2001

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Contact Address

If you have any questions or would like to alter some information that was submitted, please email us or fax to the contact address.
Hideyo Kunieda
The Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
3-1-1 Yoshinodai, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 229-8510 Japan
Fax: 81-42-759-8133
E-mail: newcentx@astro.isas.ac.jp


Dear colleagues

We are very pleased that the X-ray symposium entitled "New Century of X-ray Astronomy" was successfully held on March 6 - 8, 2001 at Yokohama.The final number of attendants is 284. There were 52 oral papers including 13 invited talks and 206 poster papers. All results were exciting and informative. We hope all participants enjoyed the session as well as the discussion in the lobby, since there were many key members gathered from all over the world. As the summary of this symposium, we put the "exams" with the ten questions to us from Dr. Roger Blandford in his summary talk. Please click here (Microsoft PowerPoint) !

The proceedings are to be published within 6 months from PASP. Please prepare manuscripts to make it a good summary of the current prospects of X-ray astronomy in the 21st Century. The instruction will be available on this web page soon.Thank you again for your contribution to the symposium in various aspects.

With best wishes,
Hajime Inoue
Hideyo Kunieda
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science


Proceedings "New Century of X-ray Astronomy" are to be issued this calender year in the conference series of Astronomical Society of Pacific, volume 251(2001). They were edited by H. Inoue and H. Kunieda. The contents(pdf file) are available. A copy of proceedings will be shipped to participants via surface mail.

Science Program

52 oral talks and 206 posters were presented.

International Advisory Committee(IAC)

Prahlad Agrawal (TIFR, India)
Roger Blandford (CalTech, USA)
Giuseppina Fabbiano (CFA, USA)
Guenther Hasinger(AIP, Germany)
Katsuji Koyama(Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Kazuo Makishima (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Luigi Piro (IAS, C.N.R. Rome, Italy)
Arvind Parmar (ESTEC, Netherlands)
Hiroshi Tsunemi (Osaka Univ., Japan)
Martin Turner (Univ. of Leicester, UK)
Martin Weisskopf(NASA/MSFC, USA)
Nicholas White (NASA/GSFC, USA)

Organizing Committee

Hajime Inoue (ISAS: Chair)
Hideyo Kunieda (ISAS: Secretary)
Nobuyuki Kawai (RIKEN)
Shunji Kitamoto (Osaka Univ.)
Kazuhisa Mitsuda (ISAS)
Takaya Ohashi (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
Tadayuki Takahashi (ISAS)
Yuzuru Tawara (Nagoya Univ.)

Science Secretary

Tadayasu Dotani (ISAS: chief)
Ryuichi Fujimoto (ISAS)
Manabu Ishida (ISAS)
Yoshitaka Ishisaki (Tokyo Metro. Univ.)
Masanobu Ozaki (ISAS)
Makoto Tashiro (Saitama Univ.)
Yoshihiro Ueda (ISAS)
Akiko Yamashita (ISAS)


284 persons were participanted.


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Poster Session

Coffee Break
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"Kanreki" Ceremony