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Followings are the reasons to name the satellite "Suzaku".

1. Suzaku is a legendary red bird which guards us from evil and brings us fortune. Japanese X-ray astronomy satellites have been called mostly with the names of birds. Therefore, Suzaku, a red bird, fits into this tradition.

2. X-ray astronomy in Japan started with the recovery mission Hakucho (1979. "Cygnus" or "white bird" in Chinese characters) following the failure of CORSA-A in 1976. The scientific results we have obtained so far are based on the series of missions starting from Hakucho. Now we would like to start a new chapter in the history of X-ray astronomy with the new satellite named Suzaku ('red bird'), making a good contrast with Hakucho.

3. In Japanese history, emperors after Asca era in the 7th century built big capitals in the manner of Chinese dynasties. These cities were guarded by four deities in Chinese legend. The white tiger is the guardian of the west, the black turtle for the north, blue dragon for the east, and the red bird for the south. Suzaku, the red bird, became the leading deity of the time following the ASCA (Astro-D: launched in 1993) era.

4. In Chinese astrology, 28 constellations are "governed" by the four deities mentioned above. The red bird, Suzaku, governs the southern sky. The Virgo cluster of galaxies, one of the most important targets of the new mission, is located in the area governed by Suzaku."